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The R.J. Cochrane Award, named after one of the founding members of the School Counsellors' Association of Manitoba, is our most prestigious award. Awarded periodically, the R.J. Cochrane Award recognizes exceptional commitment, leadership and initiative in counselling far beyond the basic requirements of the job.

  • 1978 Robert J. Cochrane
  • 1979 Dr. Harry Guest
  • 1986 Jack Stewart
  • 1988 Margaret Woods
  • 1989 Ted Davies
  • 1990 Dr. Lorne Hoag
  • 1991 Tom Prins
  • 1992 Dr. Roman Odwazny
  • 1993 Carolynne Pitura and Nadia Preyma
  • 1995 John T. Cooke
  • 1996 Marge Winters
  • 1997 Kathy Ramsay
  • 1999 Doug Muir
  • 2002 Dennis Lucas
  • 2003 Dr. Wm. (Bill) Schulz
  • 2005 Richard Robertson
  • 2010 Wendy Henriksen
  • 2011 Lorna Martin
  • 2017 Dr. Jan Stewart

The William E. Schulz Schlarship is awarded to student members to support the pursuit of post-graduate studies in Counsellor Education.

  • 2009 Joyce Milligan and Susan Gilleshammer
  • 2011 Lindsey Goodman
  • 2012 Kristin Mann-Simpson
  • 2012 Jon Olafson
  • 2013 Kim Burgess
  • 2013 Brett Both
  • 2013 Carly Ross
  • 2014 Jaclyn Rivest, Mia Safiniuk
  • 2015 Marla Yarema, Barbara Parkin, Kelly Croy, Alyssa Spacek
  • 2016 John Hasenack, Mark Lawson, Jennifer Strelein, Ester Van De Walle
  • 2017 Danielle Savage, Nicole Rosevere, Natashia Herring, and Kelcie Terrick
  • 2018 Megan Donald, Karen Bees, Tau Puhawan, Meghan Da Silva
  • 2019 Krista Reimer and Janna Larsen
  • 2020 Shamain Hartman and Tammy Ortynski
  • 2021 Michelle Morrison-Hemeryck

Download the William E. Schulz Scholarship form

Initiated in 1989, this award is intended to honour outstanding service by a counsellor to the field of counselling, both locally and provincially. Recipients must have been members of MSCA for a minimum of five years while actively contributing to the counselling field at the provincial and/or local levels. Renamed the Margaret Woods Award For Outstanding Achievement in 1998 in recognition of Margaret's contributions to counselling in Manitoba as a counsellor in River East School Division and as the Treasurer of the Brandon Career Symposium since its inception in 1986.

  • 1989 Art Ferguson, Dennis Lucas, Carolynne Pitura and Nadia Preyma
  • 1990 Gracie Biedler and Heather Emberley
  • 1991 Ruby Chambers, Doug Muir, Huguette Rempel and Joanne Snidal
  • 1992 John T. Cooke
  • 1993 Richard Robertson
  • 1994 Norma Drosdowech
  • 1996 Pat Herman and Dr. Wm. Schulz
  • 1997 Wayne Tucker
  • 1998 Randy McGunigal and Richard Robertson
  • 1999 Jay Macleod and Louise Welsh
  • 2000 Valerie Czarnecki, Bob Hamilton and Albert Dequier
  • 2001 Sue Bryner
  • 2002 Sandy Tuckwell
  • 2003 Jan Stewart
  • 2005 Lorna Martin
  • 2008 Olga Wyshnowsky
  • 2009 Monique Fillion
  • 2009 Cathie Eliasson
  • 2010 Ruth Hargrave
  • 2011 Sharon Labossiere
  • 2014 Joëlle Émond
  • 2017 Mia Guenther

Awards of Distinction are awarded to retired counsellors who continue working voluntarily to provide a high level of dedication and commitment to further the efforts of school counsellors to the children of Manitoba.

  • 1998 John T. Cooke, St. James-Assiniboia S.D. for his contributions as Teasurer.
  • 1998 Norma Drosdowech, St. Vital S.D. for her contribution to the Ethical Guidelines Committee.
  • 1998 Nadial Preyma, Winnipeg S.D. for her contributions to the Professional Development Committee and the Ethical Guidelines Committee.
  • 1998 Margaret Woods, River East S.D. for her contributions as Treasurer of the Brandon Career Symposium.
  • 2002 Doug Muir, Ft. Garry S.D. for his contributions to the Guidelines for Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling in Manitoba and the Counsellor Qualifications Committee.
  • 2005 Marge Winters, retired from Seven Oaks School Division, instructor at the University of Manitoba for her tireless contributions to guidance and counselling at the school level, at the university level and through her volunteer contributions through MSCA and CCA. Recently retired as director of CCA Manitoba/Nunavut.
  • 2009 Heather Emberley, for her many years of dedication and commitment to the Manitoba Journal of Counselling.
  • 2018 Kate Roberts and Pam MacDonald